VJCL membership consists of over 40 law students who make up an Executive Managing Board, an Assistant Managing Board, and an Editorial Board. Journal members generally all share an interest in criminal law. Many members intend to build a career in criminal law after graduation, including those interested in prosecution, defense, or private sector work.

2016-2017 Executive Managing Board

Editor-in-Chief: Allison Thornton
Managing Editor: Julia Schast
Executive Editor: Alicia Roll
Senior Articles Editor: Pauleen Truong
Articles Development Editor: Brian Kean
Finance Editor: Julia Maloney
Symposium Director: Liesel Schapira
Communications Editor: Tess Fardon
Articles Editors: Joseph Payne, Sabrine Tribie, Ashley Williams
Production Editor: Tess Sewell

2016-2017 Assistant Managing Board

Assistant Executive Editor: Shanthi Rajagopalan
Assistant Development Editor: Diana Curtis, Anna Mills

Editorial Board

Thomas Barbour, Stephanie Boutsicaris, Benjamin Coffman, Brennan Curtis, Teresa Hepler, Andrew Kagen, Anna Mills, Grace O’Donnell, Christopher Pottmeyer, Jacqueline Scioli, Sabrine Tribie, Ross Cooper Vaughan, Alvin Williams, Matthew Kabak, Emily Moredcai, Ethan Sachs, Diana Vall-Ilobera, Samuel Yergin


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